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Offering you home as a rental during NFL Draft 2025

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Offering you home as a rental during NFL Draft 2025

May 21, 2024 7:33 AM CDT


GREEN BAY, WI – (WISS and WGBW) – Now is the time to think about leasing your home to visitors during the NFL Draft 2025 coming to Green Bay in April. 

Officials are expecting over 300,000 people to fill local and regional hotels and vacation rentals during the week of the NFL Draft 2025. There are many ways to do just that between services like Air BNB and Vrbo that allow homeowners to offer their homes or rooms in their homes to travelers. 

Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich says while the process is a little involved there is help available. People need to get a permit from the city and a health inspection from the Brown County Health Department.

“Discover Green Bay actually has done a good job of pointing people to all the individual websites for the individual municipalities,” said Genrich. “We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for people to apply for a permit. We did just hire, within the last six months or so, an additional short-term rental inspector to make sure everything is above board.”   

There are also professional services such as Simple Life Hospitality of Wisconsin that can manage the process for you.

“If you’re looking to do this, I think going the professional route is ideal,” said Michael Friedman, CEO of Simply Life Hospitality. “I think there’s a lot of people who are going to be raising their hand, and going ‘I think I can do this on my own. It’s pretty easy.’ But there are a lot of moving parts to it. There are a lot of variables to renting your home out.”

Friedman says being prepared for any situation is key when it comes to renting your home out to vacationers.

“I think if someone is looking at doing this on their own, there are a couple of factors they have to look at,” said Friedman. “Number one you’ve got to get your home ready. You’ve got to deal with cleaning and maintenance. You’ve got to deal with payment. But the biggest thing is what happens if there is damage?”

Officials estimate that over 250,000 people will fill area hotels and rentals during NFL Draft 2025.

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